Dear Diary

Do you ever look back on old letters or diary entries you have written and cringed at what was said? Every time I look back on something, I think it’s usually very embarrassing. It starts with “dear diary..” and then a few lines about the boy who sits across from you in math class and he asked for a pencil and you froze and stumbled on your words. Or when you were six years old sitting in your bedroom dreaming about being a famous rich singer and everyone is screaming your name. 

Taylor Swift on the other hand has now released her first song “From the Vault”. Following the drama with Scooter Braun and Taylor not owning her own music, Swift has re-recorded all her previous albums. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the first to release on April 9th. She also has a few surprises up her sleeve as she’s releasing six never heard songs that didn’t make Fearless originally.

“I’ve decided I want you to have the whole story,” Swift said. “See the entire vivid picture, and let you into the entire dreamscape that is my Fearless album.”

Since Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the only rerecorded album that has a release date and Swift has spoken about, do you think every album will have songs “From the Vault’? I think that if she wants the full picture of Fearless, then she must want that for the other albums. Or maybe that is just me hoping for more.

The first song, You All Over Me, featuring country singer Maren Morris released on Thursday night. It debut on the charts at number one worldwide with over 3.1 Million streams on Spotify. You might think that these songs would struggle lyrically since they were written from ages sixteen to eighteen but listening to You All Over Me, I don’t think that is the case at all. Then I also remembered that Fearless won Album of the Year at the Grammys so I guess the gal has been very talented from a young age. Being 22, I couldn’t imagine going back to something I wrote or created at eighteen and thinking it was good work. That’s only a four year difference and here is Taylor with a thirteen year difference, still so proud of her own work. I think that’s remarkable. 

The song feels like the Fearless era. It has a country twang and soft Swift lyrics about a relationship she can’t get away from. It was produced by The National’s, Arron Dessner, who also produced folklore and evermore.

“One thing I’ve been loving about these From The Vault songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favourite artists.”

All of the songs From the Vault will be including other artists. People have been speculating on which of Taylor’s musical friends will be joining her on this album. Perhaps a Katy Perry collab is in the works? Perry hinted at it on American Idol last week saying, “Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together…what we could do?” I guess we will have to wait two more weeks to find out. 

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