Teach Boys, Not Girls

Men are weaker than women and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Lately on social media there has been a rise of women spreading word on recent assaults targeting women, missing women and women who have also been found dead. The Vancouver Police Department have spoken out on the claims made on social media and stated that are no actual threats as of this time.

The controversy around this is, if so many women are speaking out and voicing their experiences why isn’t there as much media attention around this, because it’s coming from outlets like tik tok?

You don’t realize until you’re older how many creepy and disgusting interactions you have had with men. It’s insane to hear that 97% of women have been victims to sexual assault, grooming, verbal abuse and more disgusting things. Growing up as a woman in the world you are taught from a very young age to not wear revealing clothing, never take a drink from someone and to not leave your drink unattended.

It is nauseating to hear so many stories of how women who are treated as objects and characters that men seek to get a reaction out of. My mom would tell me stories in school of how boys would put gum on the seats so when girls in skirts sat down and got up, they could look at their ass. How is that okay? Because she’s a woman and is nothing but an object in the eyes of men.

Fortunately, now the way that women get sexually harassed is much different.

The media has done a great deal of making the woman the sexual fantasy.

In Entertainment, these girls and women are “celebrities” it is as if reporters, interviewers and audiences see them as something they can poke in however way they want. It is so crazy to know these singers and actresses who were being photographed in very little clothing and suggestive poses at young ages like 16, pretty sure there’s a name for that. Britney Spears who was famous for her “provocativeness”, it’s disgusting to come to realize she was 16 when her start in music started and so many grown men fantasized about her. So much in the media and behind the scenes has gone unregulated for way too long.

The portrayal of the woman on screen and in society is what is negatively impacting those girls who walk alone in street. While yes you can argue it is extreme to say this you can’t help but not acknowledge the reality. When women are portrayed in films rejecting men, it is never taken simply. The women are seen as “b#tches” and males in the film always comfort each other because she said, no, why?

The way that comedians use women as their punchline joke because they reject them or made them feel ridiculed is disgusting, why are they so fragile?

Society raises these girls in fear, they grow up knowing the worst thing that could ever happen to them is being sexually assaulted. It is continuously taught girls should not wear revealing clothing, not to be too flirty because that’s “consent”, guard their drinks etc. In schools there is still dress code enforced, but only for girls because they may distract the male teachers. How about not hiring a bunch of pedophiles to teach kids?

It is such a backwards concept to always put the woman at fault, instead of the man who will continuously do the wrong.

Recently in Downtown Vancouver you probably saw the video of the woman being followed for over 40 minutes. This is probably every women’s fear, to be followed by a man without knowing their intention. You would think with such a scary situation there would not be any criticism on the woman involved but no, shockingly she got some unneeded opinions. There were men criticizing her on the fact that the guy didn’t actually approach her, and she is “seeking attention” from social media. It is so shocking to hear how a situation that could’ve escalated and be kind of traumatic, would be categorized as her seeking attention.

This is the problem in the world, that when girls actually come out with their stories, they  are told they “just want clout”, how is trauma clout? Why is it so hard for men to understand how terrifying it is to walk alone or go anywhere as a woman.

Upon release of her video some were saying oh “Maybe he was having a bad day”. What does a bad day have to do with her, being followed for over 40 minutes and probably assumed the worst of the situation and was mentally preparing herself for it.

I hate how much the world continuously condones this behaviour and cradles men in their arms while women face so much backlash even though their safety is at risk.

It almost seems as if decent human morals and empathy lack in those who call these situations “seeking attention”. Women are so afraid to reject a man that they have to lie in order to get them to leave. How is that allowed? A man can’t take a simple no and move on? Must the woman be always painted as a “b*tch”.

It’s crazy to think some were trying to belittle the situation when for the woman involved, she’ll probably look behind her whenever she walks now.

So raise boys right teach them how to respect girls and how they are not objects to play with.

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