Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Shocking Truths

It was one of the biggest nights in TV last night. Over 17 million people tuned into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s tell all interview with Oprah which rated higher than the recent Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. Many topics were covered during the two hour event which took place in a Santa Barbra backyard, not far from Meghan and Harry’s Californian home. Camera crew, and everyone on site was in double masks and full protective gear. Oprah was six feet away from Meghan and Harry.

Oprah dives right into the interview asking the gender of their baby. Meghan says she wants to wait for Harry to join to share and we later find out that they are having a baby girl. Oprah states that nothing is off limits and they are not being paid to do this interview.

They begin to talk about the wedding and how it was never really their day, it was a day for the world. She shares that her and Harry actually got married three days before the wedding so they had that just for themselves.

Markle went into this family naively as she did not grow up knowing much about the Royal Family. The first time she met the Queen, she had to quickly learn how to curtsy. Harry told her that they were going to see his grandmother and he asked her if she knew how curtsy. She did not but she was confused as to why she would have to if that was his grandmother, but his grandmother is the Queen. She practiced outside of the house and then went in. She ended up doing a very deep curtsy for her.

Oprah brings up the different headlines from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. One of them was about how Kate was being praised for cradling her baby bump and the one about Meghan said, “Can’t keep hands off baby bump for pride or vanity?” The one that got me was headlines about avocados. “Kate eating avocados to help with morning sickness.” But one about Meghan eating avocados was “Meghan Markle’s beloved avocado linked to human rights abuse and drought, millennial shame.” Markle’s response to this: “a loaded pice of toast.” That might be my new favourite saying.

Being the first mixed race person to marry into the family, Meghan revealed that a senior member of the Royal Family was concerned about how dark Archies skin would be. Harry had a conversation with someone and there was a tandem that he would not be given security or a title and it was a conversation he never wanted to discuss.

Meghan was struggling. She said she didn’t want to be alive anymore while she was a working member of the Royal Family. She was ashamed of feeling this way, especially sharing with Harry. She went to someone high up and asked about getting therapy. The Institution didn’t want her to go to therapy because it wouldn’t look good for the Royal’s.

There was a large focus on how the Institution would not provide security for them. After moving to Vancouver Island, they got word that the royal security would no longer be provided for them. They then moved into Tyler Perry’s Los Angeles home where he proved them security. At the beginning of 2020, the family cut Harry off financially and all they had is what his mother, Princess Diana, left him. If they had support from them, they would still be there. They said they did everything they could with so much respect to try and stay but they couldn’t.

Although the headlines of them blindsiding the Queen, the couple had many talks with her before they decided to no longer be working members of the family. The couple still has a great relationship with the Queen and they FaceTime her often with Archie.

Meghan says her one regret is believing The Institution when they said she would be protected.

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