Strolling Through Market City

Over my 21 years living in Vancouver I had never really gone to Granville Island. I mean I did go in grade one for a field trip if that counts but I have no recollection of it. I’ve heard great things about it but it was just never a destination of mine, until my really old friend Jas (who might be really old age wise or I’ve known her for a very long time. You can decide), who is in my teeny tiny bubble called me on a Saturday morning. She asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure. My answer to that will always be a “yes.” So we decided we would head downtown and make our way to Granville Island. I told my mom we were going and she told me that we had to go to  Lee’s Donuts. Noted. So Jas and I took the skytrain downtown. Of course we had to stop at Notch8 for a pre cocktail and snack before we Ubered to Granville Island.

When we arrived I felt like I was a tourist in my own city. It’s an area I had never explored so I had no idea where I was or what to expect but I was excited. Our first stop was Granville Island Brewing for a quick flight. Located in a large blue building, giving it the market vibe, high top tables throughout the room and clear glass surrounding where the beers are brewed.

Granville Island Brewing’s mission is to craft delicious, locally brewed beer with high quality, natural ingredients. Brewmaster, Kevin Emms, brews in small batches in order to create, develop and perfect new styles for craft beer lovers. Their beer menu is full of a variety of different beers and styles as well as having a food menu with classic brewery snacks.  We ended up ordering pirogies. They were cheesy and delicious. we debated if we should order another. We decided we would be grabbing a bite at another stop along our travels.

Across the street from the brewery was a old red train caboose from the industrial past of Granville Island, with a boutique pet store inside. Granville Island Pet Treatery is the home to the first pet bakery in the city which serves handcrafted baked goods for your furry friend. Owner, Stuart Scher, focuses on “developing delicious recipes that combine much needed functionality with all natural, human-grade ingredients.” I ended up picking my Great Dane, Stan, up some bacon cookies and Jas grabbed a variety of things as well for her dogs.

On our way to the market, we popped into The Liberty Distillery. Opening in 2013, they have been offering hand crafted, premium artisanal spirits made from 100% organic BC grain and raw material. Unfortunately they were full for tastings but we took a look around at some of their merchandise, cocktail tools and books. I would love to head back and give their sports a try.

We arrived at the market to a crazy long line that looked like it was going to take forever. Any guesses for what is was for? It was for Lee’s Donuts. Sorry mom, not waiting in that line. We explored throughout the market, drooling over all the cheeses that would be perfect for a charcuterie board. I ended up buying some hot sauces from the Mexican section. After looking at all the food in the market, we decided it was time for happy hour and a snack.

We went to Bridges, which has been a landmark restaurant for Vancouver since it’s opening in the 1980’s. It all started with an idea of two UBC professors, one in Urban Planning and the other in Math, started tossing an idea around of opening a small neighbourhood pub in Vancouver. After bringing on a local industrialist and a hotel operator they were set. The building was built structurally unsound. They did this by preserving and repairing all trusses and retiring them to their original position with reinforcement.

We sat upstairs which features a beautiful a view overlooking the city skyline, North Shore mountains and False Creek. Sadly for us, they were out of a lot of items on their menu so we just stayed for a glass of wine.

Overall, my experience at Granville Island was wonderful and I’m excited to go back and explore the places I did not get to go. You’ll be seeing me soon Lee’s Donuts.

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