How to bring spring into your space

Spring feels like it may actually be here to stay (knock on wood). What a relief too, from the isolation of stay at home orders it’s nice to see the shades lifting to find that there is so much nice weather to enjoy and activities we can do in it. 

So here are some ways to get ready and welcome spring, so all you have to do is enjoy the sunny weather (and muddy grounds) when spring is finally here.

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Open the Windows: This might sound frankly, too simple to add it to this list, but I think everyone underestimates the power of natural lighting on our mood. (That’s why we are recommended Vitamin D in the winter as we are not getting enough sunlight). So open the windows and blinds to get that fresh air and gorgeous light into your home. 

Clean Your Space: Why not start your spring cleaning while we can still have some gloomy days so when it is nice out you can just enjoy. Decluttering and cleaning your space will give you a clean slate as the warmer weather comes in. 

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Get Yourself Some Flowers/ Plants: Nothing screams spring more than a bouquet of flowers, with their vibrant spring colours and fresh, sweet scents. They are able to bleed life into a room even on the darkest of days and is a kind, little way to show yourself some love. Plants are also a great way to bring greenery into your space (if you can keep them alive long enough to enjoy them, unfortunately that just ain’t me). 

Let’s stay hopeful that we have seen the last of the winter blues and spring is on its way!

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