How to support the arts right now

With the arts being almost completely dismantled since the pandemic began (and yet sports and bars are allowed to remain open) I wanted to get some ideas out there on how we can support the arts during this time.

Just because we can’t see live theatre, music or movies does not mean that it is not still being produced (and a lot of really powerful art will be produced as a result of the isolation from the pandemic). Art is still there, in all its delicate or powerful forms, so here are some ways to support it in your community. 

Live Theatre: Live theatre has to be one of the hardest hit by this pandemic, no audiences means that a lot of theatre companies have had to resort to online shows, or just shutting down completely.

 It might be hard to dig into your wallets and pay for a show you’re going to be streaming from your laptop when you could just log onto your prepaid Netflix account but theatre companies have gotten creative in other ways to support themselves too.  

Such as live panels, audio shows, purchasing ticket vouchers to upcoming shows and asking for donations. If any of these ideas speak to you, look into supporting them, even liking them on Facebook can put their theatres name on the accounts of people who can afford to send a donation. 

Art Galleries: A lot have remained open with limited hours and ticket sales, so this is an easy and fun way to help out the visual arts community and get out of the house for a bit, you’ll be feeling more refined by the end of your gallery tour!

Live Music: Concerts are not a thing right now (and I will feel like a piece of my soul is missing until they become a thing again!) but that doesn’t mean live music doesn’t exist right now. Smaller, more intimate shows are happening at breweries and restaurants around your community. This is the best way to support local music right now, give artists a stronger fan base and you can find some new songs to vibe to along the way.

Be a patron of the arts, its comfort for the soul folks!

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