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Growing up, I would be surprised when I was genuinely enjoying a show that was Canadian, I remember watching Life with Derek on Family channel or Heartland on the CBC and thinking “Wow this is actually good?!”. I think we have all done this, being under the impression that Canadian television and movies are tired, cheesy or just plain not as good as American television, which frankly isn’t true. 

With the rise in popularity of Canadian sitcoms like Schitt’s Creek, Letterkenny, and Kim’s Convenience, not just regular Canadian viewers, but also the world is looking at our media as fresh and inspired. So here are some other Canadian television shows to watch, if you have already burned through some of the previously mentioned classics!

Total Drama Island (2011-): This Canadian show held a place in my heart growing up and spoofs the plot of shows like Survivor and Big Brother. I didn’t realize how popular this show was with other people until I learned (quite recently) that they are rebooting the show this year! Don’t be fooled by the animation, this show is just as entertaining as an adult.

Where to Watch: HBO Max or The Cartoon Network

Being Erica (2009-2011): This CBC dramedy centers around a woman who while visiting a therapist realizes that he has the ability to send her back in time, to correct the mistakes she made, only to realize she can only move forward . This show was ahead of its time for how it showcased a female character. Erica has many layers to herself, and this show demonstrates the everyday emotional struggles women have, she isn’t perfect, and is not thrown into a typecast/trope.

Where to Watch: CBC Gem (don’t forget this is free for us Canadians, just look it up!)

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Rookie Blue (2010-2015): This Canadian cop show follows 5 rookie cops who have just graduated and are starting their careers. It is juicy, passionate and has got all the drama, so much so that it has been described at the Grey’s Anatomy of cops shows.

Where to Watch: No main streaming networks but can pay to watch on Google Play or Youtube. 

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