Family Day, Quarantine Style

More reliable things to do on the holiday weekend in 2021 involve exploring Vancouver Parks and Nature (assuming good weather and not too much snow) and socializing with extended family via Zoom. There are also outdoor games with Vancouver Mysteries, which you can do with roommates and immediate household family.


Some people will be eating out at local restaurants, notably as the Dine Out Vancouver Festival is proceeding; if you want to do that, though, you’ll want to make reservations well in advance and with people in your bubble or household. I wouldn’t recommend going to the mountains tomorrow as it will be extremely crowded and line ups take forever.


Take the day to try out a fun recipe, baking or a movie marathon at home! and if your friends feel like more of a family to you, set up zoom call games like the website “” where you can do games like cards against humanity and there own version of among us. I’ve played it and can say it is a ton of fun.


Zoom art night is another fun way to exert some creative skills and make something cute while you’re at it! Just getting some supplies from Michaels or the dollar store, and you could make air dry pottery items, paint night or maybe learning how to knit together. Honestly, I’d do anything to hang out with my friends over zoom.


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