A Message for TSN 1040

You hear it so often in the world and in life today, that there are things we experience and neglect every single day that grow into our souls and impact our lives so positively that we often forget it was ever a privilege to have in the first place.

On Tuesday morning, the city of Vancouver lost a part of its identity, and to know it most likely will never return chills me to the bone.

I remember some things so vividly in my life, others are forgotten and only recollected in little mental glimpses.

One thing in my childhood that was always constant was a radio station by the name of TSN 1040 (formerly TEAM 1040 radio).

I recall my early years of playing organized hockey. Falling asleep on a weekday night extra early, so that before my 6:00 AM hockey practice, i could grab a bacon and egg McMuffin will my old man and listen to the morning show on the home of Vancouver sports.

I remember the likes of Bro Jake, Dave Pratt, and the famous Don Taylor embracing their roles as personalities and igniting a new passion for the city and their love for their teams.

The special thing about 1040 was how well they managed to make an organized radio show such an unorganized radio show, and at the same time make it such ‘can’t miss entertainment.’

From a young age, I heard with my own ears the characteristics it took to cover sports for a living. The pride and enthusiasm you needed to work your way up to being an everyday contributor to a successful talk-show. I learned the importance of conversation and what it was like to live every day doing something you loved, the people on every show made me realize how precious your occupation could be.

Fast forward to my final year of high school, and me being so unsure of where I wanted to go and the things I wanted to do in this sport we call life.

When other people around me got their licenses, they played the newest music and played it loud. Windows down on a hot summer day, letting everyone know what kind of music they were in to.

I did the same, but for me, it was Matt Sekeres and Blake Price on the ‘Alpine Credits Canucks pre-game show.’

I knew that the people at TSN 1040 were good at doing their jobs, but I never really fully understood it until my own mother was calling Bob Marjanovich “The Moj” to my face when explaining something ridiculous he had said earlier in the day, that was really cool to me.

They had a way of getting through to a listener through your radio and often making you forget it was even a sports station in the first place.

Through the ups and the downs of Canucks talk, Whitecaps coverage, or the classic offseason slowdowns, there was still never a dull moment when talking about the product 1040 rolled out every single day.

Bringing me to now, a nearly graduated student of the Radio program at BCIT, I can truthfully say that half the reason I am even writing this right now is due to the contributions and impact this radio station had on my identity and who I have become today.

The late, great Jason Botchford screaming at us through the radio waves at 7 in the morning. There was nothing quite like a patented Botch rant at that hour, it truly was remarkable. He would have you excited for a Canucks game that didn’t start for another 10 hours.

Rob Fai displayed a love for sports and the cinematics behind them, being able to find a quality story at any moment.

Tom Mayenknecht was the first person to really get through to me about the business of sport and how money is the main motive behind any and all sports and entertainment decisions.

Halford and Brough provided a valuable lesson for everyone if you’re going to be sad about something, at least be sad about it with thousands of other people at the same time. They always managed to make the terrible times so comical and comedic, exactly what we have always needed, what we still need to this very minute, and many more after I’m finished writing this.


Sekeres taught us that it was okay to be stubborn and to stand your ground. It didn’t matter if it was your friend or someone with a burning dislike for you, to never shy away from what you believe.

I could go on and on about the lessons I have taken from the impeccable work of the personalities at 1040, as well as all of the people behind the scenes, Ryan Henderson, Iain Mcletchie and so many more over the years.

The most important of them all was to love what you do every day. It is okay to be different and want to pursue different things. Maybe you won’t be the richest or the most famous. You may not be the most liked or most respected, but you sure will enjoy driving to work every day and doing what you love to do for a paycheque.

There was so much anger and animosity in my mind and body when the news came out on Tuesday. The way that things were done and how little peoples’ livelihoods were taken into account in the decision-making of the suits, but that is the furthest reason as to why I wanted to write this.

I wrote this to say thank you In the most heartfelt way I could think of, my writing.

My passion for sports coverage and entertainment media stems from the hard work and dedication the people of TSN 1040 showed to their craft. The engine of this cities sports coverage for generations was cut off at a time they were needed the most, and it really isn’t fair for anyone.

I believe that mistakes were made in this process, and we will see the repercussions over time and the effects will stem way beyond just Canucks talk on a daily basis.

There is one less little kid out there who gets to hear prime examples of what it’s like to do something you love. Not everyone will understand the loss, but the people who listened every single day do, and they always will.

Thank you to every single person who ever made TSN 1040 a place of freedom and top-of-the-line opinionated conversation.

Thank you for the laughs and the debates. For the unfiltered thrill of the 2010 Olympics games and J-Pat’s reaction to Crosby’s Golden Goal.

The 2011 Stanley Cup run and the excitement that no one else will ever come close to generating again.

Thank you for the devotion, and I hope someday I will get to listen to people with equal passion and sentiment for sports and entertainment once again.

Evan Power, Evolution 107.9



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