Tampa Bay Wins Super Bowl LV

A team that came together in an offseason of uncertainty, at a time of crossroads and question marks galore, a team of destiny.

On Sunday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by the greatest football player the world has ever seen conquered and stunned the defending world champions, 31-9 to win the franchises’ second Super Bowl title in history.

What was it about this team that made them so special? Where did the heart, attitude, and work ethic all come together to make them unstoppable at the perfect time?

We see it often in the NFL, a league where all it takes is getting hot at the right time to ring off a couple of wins in the playoffs and get to the big game. What Tampa Bay did once they got there is what makes them so different from the rest.

It was far from the most entertaining Super Bowl we have seen, from the opening kickoff to the underwhelming half-time show, along with some particularly bad officiating from the outset.

It was just how the Buccaneers and Tom Brady needed it to go to get the job done, they needed all the cards to fall into their lap in order to shut down the high-powered Chiefs who could score at a lightning rate, right?

That is all we heard in the lead up to the game, how the Chiefs would be carrying the play and forcing the Buccaneers out of their comfort zone.

Well, when the game came around, it was really the exact opposite, it was Tampa Bay and their grizzled leader who decided what was going to happen every step of the way.

Two first-half touchdowns were thrown from number 12 to number 87, Brady to Gronkowski, a movie we have all seen many times before in the big game. Once the two touchdowns happened and the Buccaneers got a hand up on KC with the skeptical penalty calls, you could feel the game shifting into the Bucs’ favor.

On the Kansas City offensive side of the ball, their star QB couldn’t get a clean look all night, while missing the core of their interior offensive line, the pressure drawn up by what I believe to be the Super Bowl MVP, Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, was close to perfect.

Coming into the game, the mind games were already on Tampa Bay’s side of the field.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid’s son was involved in a very serious car accident on Thursday night, resulting in the lives of two young children being in danger.

For Tampa, Brady was oozing confidence as well as the rest of his teammates. The Bucs were led on D by their young, stout playmakers in Devin White and safety Antoine Winfield JR., who were making plays all night right at the get-go.

Mahomes was unable to put any touchdowns on the board for the first time in 26 games as an NFL starter, an incredible stat that further resembles the game planning of the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers haven’t sniffed the playoffs since 2007, they have truly been a franchise labeled as constant underachievers. Until Tom Brady showed up in the summertime and changed the DNA of the hurting franchise.

Adding outcasts like Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown, players who could make a difference on the file but were known as distractions off of it, Tom Brady made it work.

Leading 21-6 heading into the second half, we knew that Tampa Bay just had to weather the Chiefs storm to get through 30 more minutes of football, instead, they took their play to another level and didn’t let off the gas.

Knowing the Chiefs were struggling to protect Mahomes, they dialed up even more pressure. Shaq Barrett, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Ndamukong Suh all found ways to apply more pressure and force Mahomes to leave the pocket, a textbook way of putting a nail in the coffin of the defending champs.

Where the game got out of reach was early in the third quarter, proclaimed ‘outcast’ Leonard Fournette took a handoff to the right side of the dominant Buccaneers offensive line and to the endzone, bumping the Tampa lead to 28-9.

From there, all it took was a few stops with their backs against the wall. We saw some things we have never seen with the Chiefs’ offense over the last three seasons, the effect of pressure and the big moment got to them.

It is safe to say with his 7th Super Bowl ring, it may be impossible for another player to reach what Tom Brady has done in his superhuman career.

As for the passing of the torch, it is going to have to wait at least another season as Tom Brady came out on top of maybe the most headlined QB dual in Super Bowl history.

Congratulations to the coaching staff of the Bucs as well, the first team to ever have 4 or more coaches/coordinators of color to coach in and win a Super Bowl, a feat that will be barrier-breaking in the NFL forever.

The 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be a great mini-movie someday. They will be a story of coming together and understanding that it is a marathon and not a sprint. After being embarrassed on Sunday Night Football to the New Orleans Saints earlier in the year, many wrote this team off and said they were too soft to make it anywhere.

Proven wrong once again by the one man to do it so often over the last 21 years, Tom Brady is on top again.

The scariest part about` all of it is that they will be back again, perhaps one more time for the great number 12.

Evan Power, Evolution 107.9


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