My go to Cafés

As recently said in the news many Starbucks locations across Canada will be closing it’s doors which may mean less accessible options to some. Coffee to one may be a refined taste while to another it is just something to wake you up in the morning. From someone who has worked in that “world” for a while now I can tell you that *whispers* there are better options out there for those refined folks.

If you grew up or live around Hastings Sunrise you have most likely come across The Laughing Bean. Ever since I moved to the area when I was 10 years old, I was enjoying their drinks. As a child the hot chocolate is 100% better than Starbucks. Their roasty beans are provided by lovely JJ Bean Co but nonetheless their coffee is great. The coffee here is amazing because the espresso doesn’t taste like gasoline. I find that the espresso just has a nuttier and fresher taste. When working at the big bucks I never enjoyed hot caramel macchiatos and I don’t like the regular espresso I always got Ristretto because it tastes better. The Laughing Bean is a different story I love getting caramel macchiatos here, plus the staff is awesome and they have a cute dog in store sometimes.

My other great mention is Breka Bakery. While I don’t come here often for the coffee it is delicious as well. When I go to Breka it is for a good comfort food craving, if I ever want to pay $8 for a sandwich It is going to be at Breka. If you can’t make it to them, they are on UberEATS which is incredible. To feel even healthier with your sandwich you can get a really yummy smoothie which what I love to order.

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