Little things to Help the Enviroment

We have all gotten so used to the consumer lifestyle especially if that is the environment we grew up in mostly. It is no doubt that the earth is going downhill with extreme climate changes across the world and millions of garbage is being produced daily.

Now I am not saying we the consumers are the biggest polluters of the earth, those are definitely the companies themselves. That being said there are some things you can change in your lifestyle in order to live a little more earth friendly.

The biggest thing you can change is starting to shop locally this will also be beneficial to smaller businesses. One thing my mom taught me is that if you’re ever tight for cash shopping around little stores where you live and not known companies will save you a couple of dollars. When visiting anywhere you’ll need a bag, try to remember to bring your own bag so you’re reducing waste a little.

When you’re out shopping for anything try to find equivalents to what you want to buy but with less packaging, by doing so it is less garbage in your bin and the landfills. Once done all your shopping and now you’re cooking away with the ingredients bought, use every bit. I know it’s hard to save veggies scraps especially if you aren’t using it as compost. Another great way to save waste is by freezing your vegetable scraps then eventually using It to make vegetable stock; some chefs even use this method in the kitchen as well.

These are just 2 of the many things you can do in order to contribute to bettering the environment, if you have no idea where to start you can start here

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