Interested in learning how to use a sword?

People are often fascinated by what once was. There are those who could not care about what happened five years ago, but there are also those who look back and dig out what happened five hundred years ago and more.

If we turn our eyes to the time period between the years 1200 and 1600, you will find a lot of medieval swordplay. While many see swordplay and medieval martial arts outdated, some still take the time to learn and experience what it is like to wield a weapon. For those interested, there are places where they can learn how to do just that.

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Academie Duello is one such place that teaches those interested in medieval martial arts. They focus on Europe, so if you are more interested in wielding a katana or a scimitar, you may need to look elsewhere. But if you want to learn how to properly use longswords, rapiers, daggers, or even polearms, you can call and book a class.

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Academie Duello looks at manuscripts dating as far back as the 1300s for accurate portrayals of sword fighting. They aim to teach students with as much historical accuracy as possible, with maybe a few more modern techniques thrown in the mix.

There are so many things to learn about from medieval times. The roughly four-hundred-year period that is focused on by Academie Duello shifted many times by what was used. From advances in swords to the changes in armor, you’ll find there is more than meets the eye when looking at a rapier in its time rather than a longsword, and how much clothing affected the weapons of the day. For history buffs, there is a museum where you can look at weapons and armor from all over Europe. And for those just wanting to get down and dirty with a sword, there is no better place to learn right here in Vancouver.

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