BC Music Scene-Jill Barber and her Phantom Jazz Band

After a week of intense study or work, do you feel a little tired? Do you want to experience a wonderful musical journey? Jill Barber and her Phantom Jazz Band will bring a different musical feast to let you forget the troubles of this week and enjoy the weekend happily at 6 pm on November 20th.

Jill Barber and her Phantom Jazz Band in collaboration with Shocap Entertainment resurrect Vancouver’s historic Palomar Supper Club to present in a live-streamed immersive musical experience that combines virtual reality and XR technology, viewers will be transported back in time through the doors of a long-since demolished live music venue. As we know, because of the pandemic of COVID-19 second waves, some events have been postponed or canceled, at that moment, an online live show will help us to be safe, relieve our anxiety, and make us more relaxed.

Also, a historical Canadian landmark, The Palomar Supper Club stood at the corner of Burrard and Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver from 1937 to 1955 and attracted the biggest names in entertainment at the time including Nat King Cole, The Ink Spots, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and more. Through the power of real-time visual effects, the legendary venue will be brought back to life 65 years after its demolition to feature Jill Barber in this unique and innovative live musical performance.

Jill Barber will perform her original and critically acclaimed songs folk, vocal jazz, pop, and songs in both French and English, Jill Barber will travel back in time to perform live in a virtual reconstruction of the nostalgic Palomar stage. Bringing together real-world and virtual-world environments, fans will experience an intimate and interactive concert whilst being immersed in an exciting new live entertainment concept that must be seen to be believed. Let’s buy tickets now and get more information on jillbarber.com. By the way the ticket’s price is fair, it’s $16, heading there right now!

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