A Perspective on Death by Mya

No matter how it happens, it was supposed to happen -at that time- in that moment. It just depends on how you lived your life for it to occur the way it did. Perhaps they were created with no intention of life, as they were created to give certain people lessons they need in their lives.

An unborn/ stillbirth– could be because there was no soul meant for that specific body. The lesson from that loss could be for doctors, the families, the parents. Everything happens for a reason, and death is INEVITABLE. It will come unexpectedly, whether its just a warning or the loss -it affects us all.
     “Live everyday like it’s your last, but go to sleep every night knowing you will wake       up in the morning.”
Your life story is what you create, but the moment you are born and the moment you die are already written for you. The way you live your life and what you make of it is up to you.
THEY DIDN’T DESERVE IT- no one does, but it happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. There was nothing more that you could have done, it was INEVITABLE.
Whether they died from a car crash, old age, or in their sleep — they died because that was the end of their story.

Don’t let fear be the controller of your life — embrace your fears, face your fears.

Stop waiting for tomorrow or next time, because you never know when the end of your story will be.
It’s up to you to make your life worth living.

If you have lost an elder in your life, I want you to listen carefully.
You are sitting around a fire pit, but the platform holding the wood and fire is broken. It has a huge hole on the bottom right -as you sit there- you watch pieces of burnt ashy wood fall through, one by one. This is my metaphor for life. The pieces of wood are the generations of family/people growing old. They will gradually fall through the hole, it’s INEVITABLE. Essentially each piece has served its purpose of keeping the fire lit and once they lose that ability to provide, they fall -leaving an even bigger fire behind.. which is something to be proud of.
– Mya Deol

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