MR and MS RIGHT – An Idea by Mya Deol

The more you want love from someone, you search for it. You reach out to people and do things that will get you meeting new individuals- prospects.

If we actually do have soulmates out there -wouldn’t the universe send them your way when they think you’re ready?

Everything in life doesn’t get handed to you, but if you stop searching for love in others and try hard to love yourself by doing things you enjoy, it will attract the universe to bring your love to you.


  • You aren’t sitting back and doing nothing
  • You’re not talking to random people wasting your energy searching for love


You are searching for love within yourself, you are doing things that make you happy, which make you love yourself more. You will be the most attractive when you are genuinely happy. Once you are happy with where you are in your life and what you’ve achieved, when you are ready- your love will come. Don’t waste your time with prospects and don’t lower your standards, because mr/ms right will be coming – but only when you’re mr/ms right FOR YOURSELF.

I understand it can be lonely and hard to be by yourself, but you have to learn to be independent and be happy on your own. I wrote this poem when I felt lonely, not because I didn’t have a boyfriend, not because I didn’t have friends, it’s unexplainable… but I felt lonely.


So many people around yet I still feel alone. 

After all this time, I thought I had finally grown

I don’t understand why

These feelings won’t die 

Everyone at home loves me 

But I’m far from home, I’m lost at sea 

Not swimming, I’m drowning 

No one notices because… 

I’m smiling, not frowning 

It’s like something is missing or not yet here

Please just hold me and whisper in my ear 

“You are loved”

“You are cared for”

Because I don’t understand this pain 

But it comes just as often as it does rain 

I know you love me, because it is shown 

So many people around yet I still feel so alone. 



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