Chihuahuas – Pure joy or just plain evil?

(David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons)

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a dog owner. However, I do love dogs! Enjoy the article!

Of all the dog breeds in the world, the one that most amuses me is a chihuahua. It is the smallest of dog breeds, yet it can have the personality of a large dog. 

You see, Chihuahuas, trained and untrained, are VERY loyal to their owners. However, untrained Chihuahuas possess a split personality. When they are with their owners they seem cheerful, cute and calm. But when you leave them with strangers, they turn into evil demons, growling and baring their teeth at people not familiar to them. 

But why are they like this, you may ask? Why do they act this way? 

Chihuahuas, like most toy dogs, suffer from what is known as small dog syndrome if not trained properly. Most people assume that a small dog, unlike large ones, does not need proper disciplinary treatment. Due to the fact that these small dogs get pampered, they develop behavioural problems such as lashing out not only at other strangers but also other dogs when they are outside of the house. It is their way to assert their dominance over others, be it humans or dogs.

The best way to help a chihuahua NOT develop small dog syndrome is teaching it to socialize with the world. During the training period, Chihuahuas need to be on a leash to prevent them from bolting off to larger dogs or humans. Putting your small dog on a leash sends a clear message to your dog that you, as the owner, are in control. You can tug the leash if your dog lunges forward or misbehaves, and assert authority on the dog to stay by your side  This will also help your Chihuahua feel comfortable and confident walking on the ground while being friendly with other dogs and humans.

Another way you can help prevent small dog syndrome is by establishing yourself as a leader, just like parenting a child (for those who are parents). Set limits on what your Chihuahua can and can’t do and do not pick up the dog when it misbehaves. Always remember to reward only good behaviour!

A chihuahua probably isn’t the best breed to own if you have kids under the age of 6. This is due to the fact that kids under 6 years tend to get very excited and loud when they see such cute small dogs and they might start grabbing them. As a result, Chihuahuas might bite these kids to defend themselves. However, being of a loyal and entertaining personality, they do well towards elderly people living alone and are known as good companion dogs. 

In conclusion, Chihuahuas are still dogs with a small body but a big personality. I’m not a dog owner, but I have been fascinated by how Chihuahuas act. So to answer the question, is a chihuahua pure joy or just plain evil? That’s up to you, the owner! There is a saying there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. It’s like parenting. If you give a dog the resources and skills it needs, they will appreciate your company and be well behaved. Remember, before adopting a dog, always do your research! It will help you out in the long run!

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