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Sometimes people are clouded by their own perspective which restricts them from understanding how you feel about the situation. When they don’t have enough power or strength in themselves to stand up against someone else, they will try their best to get other people to turn their back on you as well. You just have to take a step back and let them think what they want to think -or else you won’t be able to get over it without a constant reminder of the situation. You need to let go. If they are meant to be in your life, they’ll realize your worth and things will work. They’ll find their way back to you. You should never force anything into your life, because people will come and go as they were meant to teach you a lesson. Take what you have learned from this situation and do better -for yourself.

If during an argument you are constantly describing how you feel and ways to resolve the situation, yet the other individual does not comprehend any of the words coming out of your mouth-

Take a step back.

If you have said all that you could-

Take a step back.

There is no need to continue explaining how you feel to someone who does not understand.

Because not everyone is going to sympathize with your feelings,

and that is okay.

You have said all that you could, so now you have to wait, because unless they decide to suddenly be accepting and open minded-

They simply will not understand.

They need time,

Take a step back.


Not worth your energy.

Sometimes the people you love the most hurt you in the worst ways.

Shit Happens.

It’s time to open your eyes and think, are you loving the wrong people?

You saw the real me, I opened up to you. You looked past my flaws and were standing by me as if you’d be there forever. We had written a whole story together expecting to leave each other never.

What went wrong?

You hurt me.

You broke me.

You lost me.

I tried making you understand, I tried my best to see the best in us and hoping we could be forever, but

Your empty promises and misunderstandings made me realize my worth.

Sometimes the people you love the most hurt you in the worst ways,

and as much as you loved them, you lost yourself while trying so hard to get them to just understand.

Until you are able to find and love yourself more than you love them, they are




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