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David Ivan Neil is an alternative folk artist from Surrey B.C. Despite growing up in a home without strong musical influences, it slowly took over his life and he couldn’t turn a blind eye to his calling. Growing up as a teenager in the nineties, he found himself ordering inexpensive CD’s from Columbia Music House. What started out as a small hobby, slowly turned into a collection of the masses, leading to the discovery of Nirvana’s In Utero. His newfound love of discovering artists led him down the alternative/ indie/ eccentric music rabbit hole that he continues to burrough in today.

His passion for music was undeniable, but the fear of turning his passion into practice delayed his artistic inception. That was until he came across the music of Daniel Johnston and Half Japanese whose music was simple, strange, honest and real in it is own beautiful way. The realization that there were successful artists that honed exceptional instrumental talents, while in turn compensated with their energetic energy and artistry lead to a turning point in his musical journey. He concluded that he shouldn’t focus on what he found himself incapable of, but should emphasize on his artistic offerings.

Upon moving to Abbotsford in 2016, his songwriting and creativity set forth. By meeting other artists and like-minded visionaries, his first album came to life and he truly found his voice. Part of the his songwriting process is based on accidental humorous mistakes. His bad hearing has lead to the misinterpretation of lyrics and sparked creativity for his own lyrics. He hopes that someday someone else will mishear his own lyrics and create their own beautiful mistake.

Aaron Levy’s Carport Manor, quickly became his favorite place to play. The carefree and unkempt environment allowed him to practice and perform without judgement in an easy setting. Although technological advances have moved the majority of albums and songs to streaming platforms that are readily available on our phones, he still purchases hard copy albums. One of which was from local artist and record company owner, Tim the Mute, and upon exchanging a recording of his own CD, a new friendship was born. The two played shows together, leading to Dave putting out “What is Love” on KingFisher Bluez and he was able to distinguish himself within the industry.

Recently Dave moved to Enderby, B.C. and loves the calmness that a scenic small town has to offer. Since the global pandemic has put live shows on hold, he has been recording an Instagram TV series from his studio basement called TGIF (Thank God It’s not another Flipping live stream) which offers videos of performances of new and old songs. Check out his most recent episode of TGIF below.

Episode 3 of TGIF! Sun is the second single from ‘Simple Shapes’

Posted by David Ivan Neil on Friday, October 16, 2020

His upcoming album ‘Simple Shapes‘ is set to be released on November 13th, 2020. Check out the link below for his first single off the new album, “I knocked on Yer Door‘ which is already streaming on Soundcloud.‘I Knocked on Yer Door’ is the…

Posted by David Ivan Neil on Friday, October 9, 2020

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