2020 Vancouver Writer’s Festival

Calling all writers and novel-lovers! The 2020 Vancouver Writer’s Festival awaits you! This year, on October 19th until October 25th you can head on over to the Writer’s Festival website and explore all the incredible and educational events that they offer! It’s an amazing way to get your train of thought chugging and the inner gears of your mind turning.

The Writer’s Festival this year will offer more than 40 virtual events that are specifically designed to (as they put it) entertain, provoke and inspire your mind for readers of all ages. The festival is in fact encouraging people to not only explore the power of storytelling, but also to spark the desire in you to seek out storytelling and build meaningful connections in your life, through the medium of books. Cool stuff!

They hold dozens of events yearly, with some geared specifically to different age categories, with different writers both local and international who speak to the audience; in the past years of the festival’s 30-year history, speakers have included many world-renowned authors, so you can go listen to your favourite author speak, or possibly discover an author that may turn out to be your new favourite.

The Writer’s Festival also offers a series of programs that you can easily sign up for on their website, including the Incite reading series at Vancouver Public Library, special events with leading writers, and more! And if you just can’t wait for the festival (exciting stuff, I know), and want to learn a little more about the authors and the books that are going to be discussed, the website is your best friend! It’s full of information about each of the many authors as well as a reading list, so you can be properly prepared for the excitement to come.

Of course, while we can’t enjoy the cultural haven of Granville Island this year where the Writer’s Fest usually takes place, we can now experience the transformative power of books and the authors’ ideas right from the comfort of our own home, making it easier than ever to access. This is definitely a must-attend festival this year to not only help us cope through this tough time, but to allow us to spark new ideas and encourage us to rekindle our love of books!

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