Art 4 Life 2020

If you don’t know already, the seemingly sleepy town of historic Port Moody is not only scenic and beautiful, it’s also home to the arts.

Port Moody just so happens to be the site where Art 4 Life takes place annually, at none other than the Port Moody Arts Centre; this program offers a multitude of art to enjoy, activities to do, and events that they host, all of which they claim are geared to the young and young at heart, so it’s really perfect for anyone.

This program was created with a great purpose in mind: to cultivate artistic growth in the community, especially in the younger generation where it seems to not necessarily be lost, but just to remind that it exists in each and every person. Going along with this is also the main theme of raising cultural and environmental awareness, which is so important to instill in people these days, especially our future generations.

You’re probably thinking— “why would I want to go look at a bunch of art? I’m not an artist!” That’s exactly the point! You don’t need to be an artist, the benefits of arts education affect every aspect of life, and Art 4 Life advocates for it to be a lifelong journey for everyone, so no matter who you are, there is something for you to enjoy, learn, and grow along with.

There are so many local artists that you can come and support whose work is showcased at Art 4 Life, from all different backgrounds, ages, and even from newly emerging artists to professionals. And if you don’t feel like leaving your bed, the gallery can even be accessed online.

Looking through the gallery on the website, the artists’ work is nothing short of incredible, from paintings to figurines, to sculptures to drawings, Art 4 Life really does it all.

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