Taps and Tacos Margarita Mix

Over the course of COVID shutdown, many restraints struggled to stay open but others improvised when June came around. Some expanded their patios and others found new solutions to draw in cliental. Port Moody’s Taps and Tacos, did just that.

Taps and Tacos stayed open for take out bur they also came up with a new idea. they started selling their homemade margarita mix. Over the weeks flavours ranged from lime, spicy pineapple, jalapeño, coconut, cilantro and many others. These margarita mixes were in bottles of 9oz for $6.00 or 18oz for $11.00. The mixes also included 3 dehydrated limes and a recipe card.


These margaritas kits were such a hit, Taps and Tacos just relaunched their margarita mix with brand new labels and flavours.

Their Social Media specialist, Kera Chung says, “we started doing the bottled margarita mixes when cover happened and for labels we wanted to do something really fun, uplifting, positive and summery and of course Mexican inspired. You will see on a lot of our labels we have peachy vibes, churches in Salulita, Mexico, palm leaves and sun hats. We are just going for a really fun tropical summery vibe that people can also carry through the fall and winter.”

(@tapsandtacosmargaritamix / Instagram)

This has been a great way for Taps to sick out in the community and it is great that they have decided to carry it on. Give them a follow on Instagram @tapsandtacosmargaritamix or pop in grab your own at Tap and Tacos located at 91 Moody Street.

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