No Haunted Houses? Try This Haunted Corn Maze

While it’s great news that Halloween won’t be cancelled this year, a lot of the events we all have come to love about the holiday are still put on hold. No big parties with friends, no haunted houses, no digging through bins of candy to find your favourite one. Don’t despair yet! If you are living in the Vancouver area there is an outdoor haunted “house” that will scare you to death. Mann Farms haunted corn maze.

About the Maze

Enter if you dare! This haunted maze has been called Canada’s scariest cornmaze. Located in Abbotsford, it can be a bit of trip to get there if you are from the downtown Vancouver, but it is worth it. The theme this year has a man named Thomas exploring a myth about an abandoned testing facility beneath the farm. Last year the farm debuted their “pitch-black” maze, where the actors would engage with willing participants, going as far as removing them from there friends for short periods of time. Unfortunately, due to covid-19 that experience has been removed from the 2020 maze.

Covid-19 Protocols

Feeling a little wary about being around other people? Maan Farms has a Covid Safety Plan that’s goal is to ensure the health and safety of the customers. Some of the rules are as follows:

  • Not wearing a mask will have you removed without refund
  • Tickets can only be purchased from their website prior to the date of attendance
  • There is a limited number of tickets each night
  • Hand sanitizer and washing stations are located throughout property
  • Temperature screenings for staff and guests
  • LOTS of cleaning and sanitizing

Tickets are only sold in groups of four so get your “bubble” together for a night of fun.

Not Down With The Scream Factor?

If scary mazes aren’t really your thing, Playland is rebranding to “Slayland” for October. Unfortunately, the haunted houses from “Fright Nights” won’t be open this year but check out some of the rides they have to offer. You’ll find something spooky to do for Halloween!



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