If you love Indie Pop, You Won’t want to miss Sasha Sloan

I believe some of you have heard Sasha Sloan’s songs before. Well, I am one of you. Here is a piece of exciting news, Sasha Sloan will have a live show in Vancouver on October 3. The original name of Sasha Sloan is Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko, she was born on March 11, 1995. She is an American singer and songwriter located in Los Angeles, California. Many of you must be a wonder why that her original name is a bit strange. Well, the reason is Sasha Sloan is a Russian American.

Sasha Sloan’s music genre is Indie pop, which combines guitar pop and with DIY ethic in opposition to the style of mainstream pop music. It is originated in the late 1970s. The famous EP of her is called “Sad Girl and Loser” which was released in April 2018. I believe many of the fans must be so excited right now. Hold on, here is more information.

This music event will be happening at Fortune Sound Club located at 147 E Pender st. The doors will be open at 18:30 and if you want to have more information about this music event; please call 604-569-1758 or you can visit www.fortunesoundclub.com. Remember to keep social distance while enjoying the live show. Oh, one more thing, please remember to wear a mask when you visit this wonderful music event of Sasha Sloan. Hope to see every Sasha Sloan’s fans on October 3 at Fortune Sound Club. Until then, stays positive and stays safe.

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