Finding Love During a Pandemic

Finding love was difficult enough before the pandemic. Love is so difficult to find that many decide to hop on a plane and go overseas in search of their true love. Now it’s significantly harder due to the new normal, or is it? It could be easier with the comfort of being behind a screen to get to know one another, and deciding if meeting will be the next step. New unwritten rules are put in place with each individual’s comfort level, and with the incorporation of people into their social bubbles, this could be a lot to handle. Would dating apps be the best way to go to find a match? Approaching someone in person might be kind of weird and awkward now because of the whole social distance thing. There may be more fish in the dating app sea. During this time where the world slows down a bit and there is more free time from working at home, it might be the time to get on apps such as bumble, tinder, hinge, and many more.

Start Online Dating!

Finding love online is not new, in fact, it is one of the more popular alternatives to taking people on dates in the more traditional sense. There’s the chance to read and learn a bit more about someone in their bio, or it could be very short and simple then nothing is learned. Most online dating is based on looking at their picture and deciding if you like what you see. Overall, many individuals see it as being shallow but many find physical attraction very important, making dating apps work for them. As the swiping continues, a mutual match may pop up and direct messaging can happen. As CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd states that through zoom calls individuals are building more connections and are “more willing to get to know each other a bit better vs jumping into these in real-life experiences with people.” Whitney mentions that she noticed that there have been many more interactions through voice memos or phone calls. A huge amount of emotional and personality-based connections are growing by using this way of communication. League is another dating app run by founder and CEO, Amanda Bradford, stating that people are looking for more support and love at this time. People with dating profiles that were called initially “flakey” are the ones that are now seeking stability. Online dating is opening up new doors to the more serious suitors for the opportunity to find love.

What’s so Great About Virtual Dates?

Many individuals say that it’s more comfortable to date over a video call. Have you ever heard of the first 5 seconds of meeting being everything? The first impression you give to another individual can tell them if they like you or dislike you. I think with video calls if you decide that you no longer want to see them, there is no commute home or awkwardness when trying to end the date. For example, getting that phone call from your friend saying that you have an emergency. Instead, you can end the call and be back home in your safe zone, then move on from the interaction. Another huge one is fewer distractions, I find that the surroundings when being on a physical date can be distracting and oftentimes miss what the other person has to say. More emotional connection is grown because of being forced to make eye contact and consistently find things to talk about to keep the conversation alive.

The opportunity to have all focus on the person you are talking to at that moment in time is a big benefit.

What’s the Best Way to Date Online

Amanda Bradford gives a list of tips to help with dating online to ensure it is successful. Firstly, is to dress appropriately. From head to toe make sure you look like you’re dressed for a date and not ready to go to bed. It’s important to show to the other individual that you care about the date and it may boost your confidence as well.  Make sure your first impression is good, with a clean room, and set the scene.  Lighting is everything! Have lighting that allows you to be seen clearly and in a nice tone. Share an experience together, watch a movie online, youtube videos, or play words with friends. Even go to a virtual concert on Instagram Live. The goal is to treat it as a real date. Have some topics prepared (not about the pandemic though) It is difficult to not talk about it because it’s everywhere. Try asking open-ended questions to learn more about the person. Give some compliments but not specifically about their looks. Individuals typically get impressed when you notice other things about them, like their sense of humor or their passion for a certain topic. The goal is to have a long-lasting connection even after the pandemic or when the individuals feel comfortable with meeting in person. That means expanding your bubble to incorporate them. It’s important to always check in with yourself to see if you’re okay with how the relationship is progressing and to see if you’re within your comfort zone, even after meeting in person. With a stronger connection, it could create a lasting relationship because you know more about who the person is as an individual, which could create a stronger ground of connection than just initial physical attraction. Whitney Wolfe Herd states that online dating can never replace physical dating; however, it can work as a catalyst to begin a stronger connection between two individuals. 

Ready? Get set, Virtual Date!

I hope this article helps you a bit with online dating. It’s a difficult time for many during the pandemic but being able to still create meaningful connections is important. After all, we are very social creatures who seek a bond to share with others. If you’re looking for love, don’t be shy and get out there! Personally, I find that dating online can be a rollercoaster but it could help with some self-discovery on what you’re looking for in a partner. Get your friends to help you out on creating a profile and it could be plenty of fun!

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