An Educational TV Series

There is a TV series I had watch 5 to 6 time, and I still keep watching it.
It is called Criminal Minds. This TV series tells the story of BAU, full name Behaver Analysis Unit under the FBI headquarters. In the story, BAU believes after profile the criminal, they can step ahead than the criminal before they start next crime. Finding the regular under the chaos. I am excited how always think of another way out. A view of why smart people smarter than the other.

There are two story line in the TV series. One is BAU investigate the case after local police’s request, and then summarize the hint give our profile for the criminal. Two is BAU’s life experience. It shows us a face that we never know before. What is a FBI agent looks like in real life? I always think in the TV series the most powerless moment is not BAU can not save innocent peoples’ life. It is when the duty calls, they have to show up no matter whenever wherever they. Some of them are a husband who is sorry to the family; a lover who deeply loves their partner; a son who wants to have more time to take care his mother, but when the phone rings they will be on their way.

The reason why I love to watch Criminal Minds is because it shows me both side of humanity. Not to pink brush one side, it just shows me what is it in real life. I biggest thing I learn from Criminal Minds is never underestimate the evil of humanity and crime on little kids. For kids the most damage come from those people you thought you know about them, not from the stranger. And maybe in your mind kids are too young for sexual assault, but in those criminals’ mind they are in the perfect age. It is very important to teach them protect themselves. We can always compliment the beauty of humanity, but please never underestimate evil of humanity.

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