The Holy Trinity: Cheese, Dough, and Sauce

It has been months since we have been strongly advised to stay home and minimize our social circle due to the Covid-19 epidemic. But during the pandemic people have been working on themselves by fulfilling their personal goals, and/ or just took the time to relax.

I on the other hand have ventured to the path of takeout food. With being cooped up inside at home (I hope all of us are), I have been trying different kinds of takeout food. Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean food. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. And at the expense of my food journey I have come to the conclusion on what the best takeout food is. Pizza.

You can never go wrong with pizza. Unlike other takeout food, pizza comes to your doorstep as just as fresh as it would come out of the oven. It’s the type of food that no one would be disappointed at if you bring it to a party, hangout, or even meeting. Pizza is in everybody’s childhood. Like when you had your friends over, you cannot wait to order the super filling dough with sweet tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and whatever toppings you and your friends decide to get.

What is pizza?
If you do not know what pizza is, pizza is an Italian dish that consists of three basic ingredients. dough, tomato, and cheese. Put that all together and you have pizza. There are different types of pizza that I have come across in my takeout journey.


We have Neapolitan Pizza, which is originates from Naples, Italy. Unlike the pizzas that you are used to seeing in Vancouver, the main ingredients used is basic dough which consists of highly refined Italian type 0 or 00 wheat flour, Neapolitan yeast, water, and salt. Then you got fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese (Fior de latte), fresh basil, olive oil, and nothing else. Neapolitan pizza is usually cooked in a wood fire oven at very high temperatures. The pizza cooks for no more than 90 seconds. That’s crazy convenient if you want your pizza made quickly. The average size of a Neapolitan pizza is around 10″, which is a personal size pizza. The pizza itself is soft, with the crusts having a little blister on the edges so that it could compliment the sweetness of the pizza sauce.


Brooklyn pizza originates from Brooklyn, New York. What is the difference between Brooklyn style pizza and New York style pizza you say? Brooklyn style pizza is made very thin and unlike New York style pizza, it is extremely crispy with the toppings making their way to the edge of the pizza pie. One characteristic I would like to point out is that both the Brooklyn style pizza and New York style pizza has cornmeal at the bottom of the pizza. Cornmeal is used so that the pizza could slide off easily from the pan and oven so it doesn’t necessarily add any flavor to the pizza.


New York style pizza originated from when Gennaro Lombardi opened America’s very first pizzeria in Manhattan, Little Italy. The pizza is hand-tossed with their dough that consists of bread flour, sugar, salt, instant dry yeast, olive oil, and lukewarm water. They cook the pizza in coal-fired ovens, although recent has slices that are large and wide with a thin crust that is fold-able yet crispy. The average size of a New York style pizza are usually 18″ to 24″. A lot of toppings can be added to this pizza due to the size of the slices which makes it perfect for any type of occasion!

Top 5 Best Pizza Places on a Budget
With my newfound pizza knowledge, I was able to create a list on what my top 5 favorite pizza places are in Vancouver. If you were expecting a fancy restaurant to be in this list then think again. All these pizza places in this list are places that I think are pure quality for the dollar you spend. This list is in no particular order

1. Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizza

Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC pizza is located right across the Vancouver Public Library on Robson and serves a flavorful genuine slice of pizza. Although their selection is small, they have one of the best pizzas around Vancouver. Their 14″ Original Margherita pizza goes for $15.75. Their other pies also average around the same price. You can also customize your own pie for $13.75 with added topping ($3 each). If you want pizza that you want to fold, this is definitely in the must-go-to list for Vancouver

2. AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza joint is definitely one of the best pizza places in Vancouver due to their flavorful slices and their famously delicious square pizzas. Their classic 14″ Margherita pizza goes for $18 while their famous 16″ square pizza goes for $30. Although this is the priciest place in the list, the quality and quantity you get in each order is well worth every single penny.

3. Nat’s New York Pizzeria

If you are looking for an authentic slice of New York then look no further. Nat’s New York pizza is a pizzeria that captures customers with their New York themed space. Their classic 14″ Margarita pizza goes for $18 while their 16″ dish goes for $20. It’s perfect for people who just wants to grab a slice and sit along the beach as this pizzeria is located close to English Bay. I would definitely recommend this place if you love cheesy pizza.

4. Firecrust Neapolitan Pizza

This pizzeria is probably the closest you are going to get to an authentic slice of Naples. This place holds true to their ingredients boasting their GMO 00 and their Italian base tomato sauce. Their classic 10″ Margherita goes for $11.95, really an unbeatable price for the quality of ingredients. They also have an option to build your own pizza with no added cost (some toppings cost extra), and a wide array of pizzas to choose from.

5. Ignite Pizza

Located on Main Street, Ignite Pizzeria serves their traditional stone-fired pizza in a modern setting. These delicious pies will truly make your mouth water once you have had a taste of their dishes. Their 12″ Medium Margherita pizza goes for $16 while the 16″ large variant goes for $21. They have Vegan options available as well as a build your own pizza! Not bad at all for a slice that you will never forget.

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