Remember the Whitecaps? Yes, they are still around.

You actually may not be aware that since the MLS Is Back tournament, the Whitecaps have been playing. They have been playing Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact.

If you haven’t heard, I can’t blame you. The Canucks were on a playoff run. It was a stressful summer. There is lots going on.

I can however, blame the Whitecaps.

During this pandemic, not only the Vancouver Canucks were off, but the CFL season has been cancelled. Which means no B.C. Lions. Yet, they have won once since they have returned.

The Whitecaps have made more news off the field news than they have on the field. And, not in a good way.  After bringing in Mark Pannes as CEO in the offseason, a few short weeks later, they decided to go with Axel Schuster. They recently did another shuffle bringing in a chief revenue officer and a chief marketing officer.

This is no criticism on Schuster. Time will tell if he is the right person for this job. But the Whitecaps have a consumer confidence issue. Who’s leading? Who’s starring? Who is the face of this franchise? And how has this team contributed back to the Vancouver and BC market?

The best marketing strategy is winning. And the Whitecaps haven’t really done that. Since they have returned from Orlando, they have won 1 game and lost 4 heading into tonight’s game against the Impact.

The on-field struggles combined with the off-field PR issues have put the Whitecaps behind the sporting landscape. As the Vancouver Canucks showed in the summer, this city is starving for sports success. Hopefully the end of the year, the Whitecaps can turn this around,

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