Haven’t seen The Green Mile? Watch it before 2020 ends


The words Tom Hanks, a prison guard looking to the distance, below the words The Green Mile, in the middle of the words, a small silhouette of a big man and small man walking towards a light.
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The Green Mile is a novel written by Stephen King which got written into a movie in 1999.  The movie stars Tom Hanks who plays Paul Edgecomb the protagonist in the film who is a death-row supervisor at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. John Coffey was played by Micheal Clarke Duncan who passed on September 3rd 2012. John is a black man at the penitentiary being wrongfully sentenced to a crime he never committed, but because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and black in a racist town he faces injustice.

Going to warn you there will be spoilers from here.

The movie starts with Paul in a nursing home who remembers his past while hearing a song play. He begins to tell his story of working as a death-row guard in. The story picks up when John Coffey is found crying with two dead little girls in his arms. When found by the town he was immediately accused of having done the crime when in fact he was trying to save them. Without any witnesses or evidence in a racist town he can’t really put up a fight. When Paul first meets John you can see how Paul is surprised at how he acts as he doesn’t match the crime, and tells Paul 

“I tried boss, I tried to take it back, but I couldn’t.”


Over time it is revealed that John actually has unexplainable healing abilities, his abilities include being able to pass memories of others. One of these memories being who actually committed the crime. The overall telling of this story is amazing, yes it is 3 hours but it is so worth it and a classic. This story is fictional but it is no story far off from the injustice that happens in our world. 



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