Masks now required at all Starbucks in Canada

This week on September 14th Starbucks Canada will now require you to wear facial coverings when visiting one of their stores. Since the start of COVID19 Starbucks has worked diligently to protect their partners and customers, they were quick to stop personal cups and shut down stores worldwide to further stop the spread of the virus. 

                                                               If you visit a StarPhoto taken by Vanessa Hidalgo bucks without a facial covering a barista will politely remind you they require you to wear a facial covering in store, if you do not have one with you they can offer you one to wear (If available). Another option to visit is through a Starbucks Drive-Thru. As a Drive-Thru customer they do not require you to wear a facial covering. Curbside pickup is also available to customers through the Mobile app or you can order through Uber straight to your home. 

You could say Starbucks is late to the party on this policy as many other businesses have implemented this policy weeks ago. But what does this mean for workers and customers? As we have all seen a rise of angry customers on social media when told to wear a facial covering.  Facial coverings have been required in some US and Canada stores due to local city laws and with such there has been some pushback when implementing their rules. If you were on social media in July you might have seen the picture posted of a Starbucks Barista  who refused a woman’s service for not following the county’s guidelines.

Of course these new requirements do not discourage you from enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, but to feel safe when you do.


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