Become the Leading Foot in Immersive Storytelling with UK-Canada Immersive Exchange

The UK-Canada Immersive Exchange is seeking applicants to become the leading role in immersive storytelling technology.

Over the course of one year, this international program works with applicants specializing in fields of art, film, production, and creation of the like into honing their digital production skills.

The technology that is used in the program is top-notch, if you will. Applicants will lay their hands on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality simulators (why not give them space and time while they’re at it?) to lay out their imagination before the viewer and fully immerse them directly into the story.

Pretty cool, Right?

Although it is highly arts-oriented, this program also focuses in on the study of international market.  Applicants are prepared with extensive knowledge of the business industry, and their pockets are loaded with key industry contacts.

Oh yea, CASH!

Surely, opportunities for co-production funding are available to all applicants up to a maximum of $170,000 CAN.

Click and read more about how to apply to the UK-Canada Immersive Exchange and the opportunities that behold you:

Deadline for Applications is September 17th, 2020 at 12:00pm EDT.



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