Wonder Woman Pushed Back to August as COVID-19 Devastates Film Industry

Good news, bad news everyone. The highly anticipated movie, Wonder Woman 1984, has been delayed. This isn’t a huge shock given that every movie from mid-March to May has been pushed back but it still makes more for yet another unfortunate casualty in movie release calendar.

The good news is however, that this delay is relatively minor compared to other movies. Originally expected to be released on June 5th, it will now be in theatres on August 14th. Image result for black widow

Compared to other films this is actually not too bad. The majority of the films pushed due to the COVID-19 outbreak were not given the luxury of having a new release date, rather they have received the ominous designation of being delayed “indefinitely”. Notable releases affected by this include Marvel’s Black Widow and Disney’s Mulan remake, which was supposed to hit theatres this Friday. The latest Fast and Furious was set to open in April and did in fact get a new release date, but it was delayed by an entire year, now due in April 2021.

COVID-19 has devastated the movie industry, with almost all theatres in North America and Europe being forced to close for at least six weeks. Films that had the unfortunate timing to be released during the pandemic have received early releases on streaming and Video-On-Demand. With film productions across the world being forced to shut down the impact will be felt for years to come especially due to the long pre-production of movies.

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