The Corona Virus in Canada

With COVID-19 (better known as the Corona Virus) still very much on the minds of most people in the world I thought it would be important to talk about how the infection is being handled by the world. Firstly I think a lot of people are in panic mode or about to be, this may be because the news is constantly posting about new cases, presumtive cases and outbreaks. Sometimes these news outlets are legitimately trying to relay important information the masses, but sometimes it’s people just fishing for a headline and you can’t go wrong with a Corona Virus headline these days. Just take the steps provided by the World Health Organization and make sure your washing your hands. I learned that 80% of Corona Virus cases are mild and will go away after some bed rest. Lately I’ve been seeing people go crazy, like stocking up on water and toilet paper at their local Costco. It has also been really disheartening to see people acting racist towards Chinese people because of the Virus’s origins. People have to realize that the virus could just as easily be with anyone at this point and discriminating will get you no where. Good news is that ¬†As of 27 February 2020, although China, particularly the Province of Hubei, has experienced sustained local transmission and has reported by far the largest number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the outbreak, lately the situation in China showed a significant decrease in cases. As long as we take care of our hygiene and avoid hand contact for the next little bit. This virus will hopefully quickly be a thing of the past.

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