The Invisible Man and How a Trailer Can Ruin a Movie

If your anything of a movie buff like I’am you will know that the director Leigh Whannell, the mind behind the expertly done “Upgrade” is back with another psychological thriller titled “The Invisible Man”. This director has just been on a tear of making, great, deep and thrilling movies for the past couple years so the hype surrounding this movie is pretty huge. “The Invisible Man” follows a woman who was the victim of spousal abuse for many years, her abuser was a genius inventor by day and horrible person by night. After breaking free from her relationship and getting a court ordered restraining order on her ex boyfriend she starts to slowly find that things are strange and out of place like shes being watched by an invisible man (hence the title). Now here is where it gets a bit messy, I think it would have been cool to explore the possibility that the main woman was just going crazy and there actually was no invisible man, that would be a super interesting way to throw you off the main plot of there really being a invisible man. Maybe i’m just being nit pick but I really thought that this movie could have been so much more if it wasn’t for this stupid trailer. This is just another classic case of a movie trailer revealing WAY to much, honestly who ever made this trailer needs to re consider his choices. Sorry for the rant but i;m sure most of you have had a similar experience with movie trailers… you can’t trust em.

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