The Best New Spot in North Vancouver

North Vancouver has always been a bit of an outsider when it comes to Vancouver. Not close of enough to the hustle of downtown Vancouver but just out of reach across the bridge. It sometimes feels like a small town in the big city. If you go all the way down Lonsdale Avenue you will see nothing out of the ordinary, a couple fast food places and some random shops, but it’s when you get to the bottom that you really see the beauty of North Vancouver. The Shipyards were nothing more than a just that (a yard for ships to be stored and repaired) but after Seaspan moved their operation further down the bank it allowed a giant open area to be bought by the city and changed into the “The Foot of Lonsdale” not a super flattering name. Shortly after the Shipyards were re purposed an entrepreneur came around and bought out the main building and turned it into his flagship restaurant Tap and Barrel Shipyards. That restaurant quickly became one of the busiest spots in all of North Vancouver. The unbeatable view and location made it one of the most sought after spots in Vancouver period. Tap and Barrel was just the beginning, after seeing how well Tap did the city is now expanding the rest of the Shipyards area into a community hub. This is going to have shopping centers more places to eat and, to top it all off, a all season skating rink. So if you live on the North Shore, or maybe you just live over the bridge some check out the Shipyards, the new place to be in North Vancouver

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