No Partner, No Problem

Does the sight of red and pink decorations make you red with rage? Lost your appetite seeing Valentine’s Day deals at restaurants and bakeries? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about that. Valentine’s Day is about YOU, and here are some tips to bring it back to you.

The vices of Capitalism…

Do you remember the cards you sent to your mom back in elementary school? Valentine’s Day celebrates love, so how about taking some time to celebrate the biggest love of our lives? Take your mom on a day out: brunch with double-shot Caesars, watching a movie you both like, taking a spa day together, the works! The important thing is to spend your time with the people you know love you, not forcing yourself to comply with the wishes of a stranger.

What would you call the one on the right?

It’s unrealistic to think you can dodge Valentine’s Day propaganda while you’re in an urban setting, and unhealthy to try and run away from all of it. Remember, it’s not just you. The city’s full of poor schmucks like us, find somebody to have a chat with. Single friends, family, even your cat/dog (do it indoors, though). Don’t bottle your feelings in, they’ll make you do things that you’ll regret. Taking it out on objects is a good idea too, just do it safely; you don’t want to have to spend your day in the hospital, do you? Take the free trial to your closest kickboxing gym, or try out those stress rooms the news talked about.

You can re-experience the freedom of a child, pretty cool!

It’s perfectly fine to want to be alone. Perhaps you can’t make time with your parents, or maybe you don’t have friends that are single (those traitors!). Treat yourself, life is too short to live with regret. Places like concerts, galleries, or large-scale functions are accommodating to singles. Laser tag is especially so, you’ll be surprised how many people go there alone or in small numbers and need strangers on their team. Eat dinner at a communal table or a bar, that way you can do your own thing while also experiencing company.

The bits of gossip you can overhear at the bar are great!

It’s ok to be alone, we all need time to find that special one. You’re still young, there are many more Valentine’s Days to spend. Remember, you’re the main character of your life. Nobody else is in charge of your life!

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