Beer’s Best Friend

Before food colour, before idiot sandwiches, before sprinkles, there was the original food entertainment. Alcohol is the first in a long history of pleasant food accidents, and boy have we gotten creative with it. Let’s talk drinking food.

  1. KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)
    In South Korea, there’s no such thing as straight drinking. It’s always beer (maybe a little soju) with your chicken; together, that perfect union is called chimaek (chi-MEK). One big gulp of ice-cold beer, one big bite of fried chicken, that’s how South Koreans old and young spend their weekends. The thing I often hear about authentic KFC is it’s not greasy like the other KFC. The outside is crispy, the inside is bursting with juice, and there are as many flavours as there are KFC menu items.

    A proper South Korean Saturday would include more than one location; i.e. round one chimaek, round two karaoke, round three massage parlour.

  2. Izakaya Food
    If you think this is anything like pub food, you’re sorely mistaken. Traditionally, the Japanese drink sake with small cups and small sips (it’s strong stuff) so the sides are usually pretty small. But the variety is amazing: karaage (JFC), skewers, grilled fish, omelets, sashimi, and loads more. If you a little lost on your first time, yakitori (chicken skewers) is a staple. You can’t go wrong with charcoal-grilled chicken dripping in a light sauce, coupled with some roasted scallions.

    South Korean and Japanese beers are generally really light, so they tend to chill it really well.

  3. China: It’s not just chicken feet
    Chicken feet do make for good drinking food, whether it’d be chilled in vinegar or hot in spicy sauce. But that’s overlooking the deep-fried noodlefishes, stir-fried clams, lamb skewers, and so much more. Combine that with a nice Heineken, Harbin, or Tsingtoa beer and you got the quintessential Chinese night out. Be careful trying traditional Chinese liquors though, drink with friends because we’re talking an upwards of 65%.

    Traditionally, the skewers are kinda small so ordering 20 or so for one is very common.

If you’re like me and got tired of burgers and fried fish a long time ago, try looking for a place that sells good skewers or fried chicken. Drinking is how adults have fun with food, so it’s high time you bought new toys. I’d be happy to hear your stories down below, stay safe you guys!

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