Behind The Kiss (XOXO)

Are you the type to give a box of chocolates to your significant other? How about cards? Can’t go wrong with the classics, but when did they start being classics? Let’s take a look to see how holiday traditions get started.

  1. The First Valentine’s Day Card
    It seems you can leave a mark in history if you’re a rich guy who fights in a war, win or lose. The first Valentine’s Card was sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans as a prisoner of war. When he was caught in the Battle of Agincourt (UK vs. France), he sent letters to his second wife. I’m guessing the English don’t mind sending letters for their prisoners when they’re going to keep them for 20 years. It also helps that he wrote poems in his letters, so somebody can eventually gather them into a book and spread your good name for profit.

    That’s the first Valentine ever written on a Valentine’s Day “card”.

  2. XOXO
    Have you ever signed a card with x’s and o’s? Looks awfully familiar to the contracts in old cartoons, don’t you think? Back in the Middle Ages, everybody signed their names off with an “x” as a gesture to Christ’s cross. When you’re done, you’re supposed to kiss the cross to seal the deal a.k.a. “sealed with a kiss”. It started with contracts, then books, and pretty soon everything was signed off that way.

    Hugs, kisses, all that good stuff.

  3. Sweethearts
    Have you had sweethearts? No, not the kind that’ll slap you funny if you call him/her that. Those chalky little sweets with words on them. Those candies were the combined efforts of two brothers, Oliver and Silas Chase. Oliver developed a lozenge-making machine that could make candy; you might know it as necco wafers, it was put on hiatus in July 2018. Anyways, Silas had the idea to make a new candy with words on them in 1866. In 1901, they turned them into heart shapes to appeal to the holiday crowd. Fun fact, it was suspended in 2019 because the new owner needed more time to make a new batch.

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on one?

Hopefully, you found this guide to be helpful. The most reliable way to start one of your own is definitely the last one, much more attainable. Jokes aside, I hope you all the best of luck with your Valentine’s Day shopping!


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