The Vogue Theatre

When I think of classic venue’s in Vancouver I think of the Vogue Theatre. After being used as a movie theatre in the late 80’s and early 90’s . It was shutdown then bought out, then restored as an event space for the future generation. This venue has been home to a lot of great bands from Vancouver and internationally. While it is a small venue, it’s the intimacy of being so close to the performing artist that give the vogue its magic. Most shows are general admission, meaning its every man for himself to get to the front. It’s a rush trying to squeeze past people trying to get a better view. There were always seats in the back so if things got a little too intense (due to it being 1000 degrees when you are in a large group of people that are all packed together) then you could hang back and take a breathe. There was also a 2nd floor balcony area that was a bit of both, on one hand it was a little further away so less people up there makes it easier to be at the front of the balcony row, which isn’t that far away from the stage so you still have decent view but on the other hand it was nothing like being in the crowd below jamming and having a good time. The future of the Vogue is unknown, I’ve heard stories of it being shutdown but nothing is set in stone. My hope is it will keep being a space for the younger generation experience some of their first live concerts in their purest form.



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