The Future of Spider-Man (Discussion & Theory)

With Morbius and Venom 2 on the horizon, everybody is concerned with the future of Spider-Man. I, personally, am very concerned with how Spider-Man will continue after Tom Holland’s third MCU film. There is so much material to deal with: Will Venom be part of the Sinister 6? Will Marvel make him into a new leader? Or will they just pretend Spider-Man doesn’t exist? I assume you’ve seen all those videos on the Morbius re-shoots and Hardy’s “leaked” photos, because I’m throwing out some theories of my own.

The inevitable “leaks”.

We’ve confirmed that Spider-Man is on the run with the bus ad, so this is the perfect opportunity to do one of those everybody’s-your-enemy movies. The problem is there aren’t enough villains to do a proper Sinister 6; for argument’s sake let’s say Vulture, Scorpion, Shocker/Taskmaster, Mysterio, and Venom. We’re still missing Doc Ock or Green Goblin (Hobgoblin?) or anybody. I suppose they could start the process with the Venom movie, introduce a baddy that’ll team up with Venom in the post-credits.

Another possibility is we do Venom vs. Carnage next, then have them go against Spidey in his movie. This battle could progress towards space somehow, the Symbiote being of extra-terrestrial origin after all. Then the ending or post-credits could hint towards S.W.O.R.D. and we could have fun guessing whether or not it’ll be a tv series or be its own movie.

This could mean war.

Then there are the classic Doctor Octavius or Green Goblin routes, which is a gamble because it’ll be inevitably compared to the Sam Raimi movies; and Sam Raimi will win despite Tobey Maguire’s cringe dancing.


I’m leaning on the Sinister 6 theory, even though I’m curious to see the MCU move on to more off-world stuff. It could not be six villains for all we know, because it wouldn’t be the first time they surprised us and it definitely isn’t the first time it isn’t six (16 is a bit much). What are your thoughts and theories on the MCU? Feel free to comment, I can’t guarantee it’ll be approved though.

One thing’s for certain, I’m looking forward to this!


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