Why Vancouver Golfers Hate February

As someone who enjoys getting out to the golf course as much as possible in the warmer Vancouver weather, I can tell you with no hesitation that February sucks. In fact, it sucks so much that it’s undoubtedly my least favourite month of the year. Yea, November isn’t great either, but I’ll give you the full breakdown of my month rankings some other time. This is just about February, from the perspective of a golfer in Vancouver. 

First of all, the PGA tour events start getting interesting. With tournaments like the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Genesis Invitational, and World Golf Championships in Mexico, all of your favourite tour players are starting to play more and more again, and in some great weather too. Watching this on T.V. or seeing it on social media will automatically make you start thinking about getting the clubs out for the new season, and that’s when the reality of February in Vancouver hits. If it’s raining, you’re probably not heading to the course. If it’s cloudy, it’s probably cold, and you’re not heading to the course. If it’s sunny, it’s probably still not very warm and you don’t want to be outside for too long. Therefore, you don’t head to the course. Even if it’s warm, it was probably raining recently and the course is too wet to enjoy playing. So you stay inside, hoping tomorrow might be different.

However, there are those rare streaks in February where it stays sunny for a while. You wake up on a weekend one day, and as the morning turns to afternoon, it’s sunny and warm enough for you to actually get out and play. You text the guys, and they’re all in – finally! Sadly, by the time you get your group together, reality sets in and you realize it’s too late to play a full round before the sun goes down. February really is a tough month for golfers, and if you’re not willing to grind it out in the cold weather or subpar conditions, it’s a month that you spend most of the time inside, wishing for longer days and higher temperatures. It’s so much worse than the other cold months because it teases the good weather just enough for you to start thinking about playing, yet you rarely ever do. If you’re not into the sport, I envy you, because even though it’s the shortest month of the year, February always feels the longest to me. 

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