14 Straight Wins for the Raptors

Canada’s team has now won fourteen straight games and is showing no signs of slowing down. Over the last month, we’ve seen the Toronto Raptors escape games by the skin of their teeth, and then go on to dominate in the next game. Last night was no easy task, as they took a 12 point lead against the Brooklyn Nets into the 4th quarter before only beating them by one. After starting out the season a little flat, the defending champions now hold one of the best records in the league and sit at second place in the eastern conference. Even after losing superstar forward Kawhi Leonard, the Raps have been able to get it done with Pascal Siakam and Kyle Lowry leading a deep roster of solid NBA players, as well as some surprisingly good play from younger guys such as Terence Davis. What’s also exciting is that the team will play 5 of their next 6 games at home, giving them a decent chance to get the win streak to 20 games. 

Although it looks like the Milwaukee Bucks will be the first seed in the East, if Toronto can get the second seed, they’ll have a decent chance to make a playoff run and attempt to defend their title. Because there are 6 teams in the conference that are considerably better than the rest, finishing second as opposed to third will give them a much easier first round opponent in the playoffs. If they cannot secure a top 2 seed, they’ll be in a tough series against the Pacers, 76ers, Heat, or even Celtics possibly. In other words, as good as this run has been for them, there won’t be much time to enjoy it. 

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