Super Bowl Sunday

Once again, its Super Bowl weekend. Every year, the biggest sporting event in North America is watched by millions of people, some of whom know what’s happening, and some who don’t. Whether you’re a football expert or not, watching the Super Bowl is meant to be a fun and full day experience. It’s the one game where you can pay attention to commercials and bet on the length of the national anthem. It’s a day where the half-time show will be talked about just as much as the actual game in some circles. But to have the best experience, there are some things that you need to have at your Super Bowl party. 

First of all, its a day for friends. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with watching it solo, but the experience is undoubtedly enhanced when you’re around other people. Whether it’s an outrageous commercial with your favourite celebrity or a jaw dropping play in the 4th quarter, watching this event with a group makes everything more exciting.

Secondly, it’s a day for food, and a lot of it. Stats say that during the Super Bowl on Sunday, 1.6 billion chicken wings will be served. Beyond that, you’ll probably see nachos, pizza, chips, and any other number of awesome appetizers you could think of. If you’re on a diet, you should seriously consider making Super Bowl Sunday a cheat day. If you’re having people over, make sure everyone brings some food to give you all plenty of options to dig in to.

Lastly, for football fans, it’s the last game you’ll watch until the new season begins next September. So whether you’re a fan of either team or not, try to enjoy the game all you can while it lasts because as soon as it’s over, you’ll be seriously deprived of NFL football for a few months. Hopefully you’re cheering for the Chiefs too, otherwise you might not have as great a time. 

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