Snow Place Like Home!

Well Vancouver, we have our first snowfall of the year, and whether you love it or hate it, that’s big news for us. Even though it happens every year, the majority of people never seem to be quite ready for the bone-chilling cold and difficult driving conditions. The snow causes a lot of problems for us, but there are also positives that come from the annual change of weather. That’s why Evolution Radio has compiled the official pros and cons list of snow in Vancouver, and has decided to share our findings today. 

Let’s start with the cons. First and foremost, snow is terrible for drivers in Vancouver. We’re less than a day in to the snowfall and already videos of Audis and BMWs sliding down hills are popping up left, right and centre. Second of all, it’s cold and wet. For me, being cold and wet might just be the worst thing ever, so make sure you wear lots and lots of clothes and avoid this terrible fate. Lastly, the snowfall forces you to stay inside, most likely looking at your phone and reading more and more about how much it’s snowing in Vancouver. You’re locked in, your events are cancelled, and you still can’t get away from the weather. It sucks.

Fortunately, there are also pros to snow in Vancouver. Although this first one only concerns a certain amount of people, skiing and snowboarding seasons are officially kicked into full gear. If you’re into the mountain sports, it’s a perfect time to get out there and enjoy the fresh powder at one of Vancouver’s three mountains. Another positive is that snow (especially fresh and untouched) is a very nice aesthetic. This is not even an opinion, it’s just an objective fact, and the sheer amount of instagram pictures taken as well as the beautiful snap below and many others just like it will surely back me up. Finally, and most importantly for many Vancouverites, snow and cold weather mean outdoor rinks. When skating on frozen water, you’re reaching peak Canadian, so don’t be afraid to get the stick and gloves out, pick up a coffee from Tim’s, throw the touque on, and show your patriotic side this winter.

Whether you love it or hate the season though, don’t let it get you down! Seasonal depression can be a very real obstacle for many people around this time of year, even if you can’t tell by the way they present themselves. Spend time with friends and family and find something you love to get you through the stretch. Of course, whatever you do during this time of year, remember to stay safe as well.

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