Finding New Meaning In Our Favorite Christmas Movies

We have turned our calendars to the final month of the year. That means for us students and other post secondary goers out there, we are hopefully all-seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of a long and productive term. Even though the final week of the term can be very overwhelming with final assignments, exams and getting all of our ducks in order to end the term with a bang, all of us are yearning for a moment of relaxation. And I mean a long one. Christmas and the holiday season can mean varying things to each person but one thing we all do look forward to and this is coming from me as well, are Christmas movies.
The holidays can be a stressful time. We all have certain expectations of how we carry out ourselves during the holidays, ranging from who we see, what we do and what we love most about this time of year. I believe it is the same for the characters in the Christmas movies that we love so much. And when we sit down to watch these movies with our closest friends or family or even by ourselves, they remain timeless.
The great thing about these films is that you can watch them annually and no matter how many times you have seen them, you relate to them in a different manner from year to year. For instance, the Home Alone movies (we are not going to even talk about the third installment because it does not relate to the Christmas season at all) when I was a young lad the part of the movie which I found the most entertaining were the scenes, in both films, where Harry and Marv have to face the wrath of Kevin’s booby traps, not related to Christmas at all. Though Kevin did find a way to use Christmas tree decorations wreak havoc on bear feet. However, in recent years when I put both of these films on, I see two films that ooze early 90s nostalgia, where the characters where not privy to the technologies we have in this day and age. Kevin’s mum, when she realizes on the plane to Paris that Kevin is not with the family, she has to race to the airport pay phone to get a hold of the Chicago Police to tell them they she has a son home alone. Oh, Kevin’s mum, if it was the year 2019 you could have easily txt messaged Kevin, I would not be surprised if an eight year old in this day and age had a cell phone.

Speaking of cell phones and communication, things would have gone a lot differently if John McClane had a friendly little apple device in his pocket. It’s Christmas Eve in Los Angeles and New York City cop John McClane, arrives in LA to surprise his estranged wife Holley for the holidays. His reluctance to be there is thwarted when terrorist crash the party John’s wife’s company is holding. John is forced to dawn his heroic cop side with no shoes on, all because some guy on the plane sitting next to him in the opening sequence said in order to avoid having a fear of flying make fists with your toes. I think we would ask google today what can quell ones fear of flying. Now, many still argue over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, however, if Christmas time is the only time you watch it, then it falls under the category of a Christmas film. It’s a simple defense but it has silenced the ones who oppose that notion. Many poles have recently come out to ask the question on whether the first two installments of the franchise are indeed Christmas flicks. The majority say yes, but star Bruce Willis has recently refused to call it one.

As I mentioned above, we try to make this time of the year magical and special for our family and our friends alike. Clark Griswold was taking it to a whole other level in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. From having the biggest Christmas tree in all of Chicago, to having the most twinkle lights strung about across the house and adding to all of this, having both sides of the family over, it’s only natural for one to crack. Oh and Clark did when all of his hard work never got him his Christmas bonus. It is only natural for us to want to make all of our family and friends happy, at least the ones we encounter and spend time with over the holidays. But this can add a lot of stress. Clark learned that all of the baggage that the holidays try’s to throw at us to try to show how to have a perfect Christmas can for most part be wrong. Clark learned it is best to keep things simple. That message has become clearer and clearer as I sit down annually to watch Clark’s escapades in Christmas Vacation. In my earlier viewings of the movie, I just laughed at Clark’s ridiculous mindset and the embarrassment he projected on to his kids and dear wife.

So as each year progresses, I find we relate and treat Christmas in a different manner. The same goes for the holiday movies we look forward to watching. The characters are all just like us, they have their faults but they all have their moments of glory where they try to do the best for the ones they love. There are many more Christmas flicks out there that I have not mentioned. Ones that need mentioning are Home Alone 2 Lost In New York, Love Actually, Office Christmas Party and The Polar Express and probably one of the most creative ones, A Muppets Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge. I am always on the look out for new ones so leave me a comment on our website at So power through until the holidays and then we can all deserve to binge watch holiday movies with a drink in hand. Tis the season!

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