The Growler Gold Goes To…

It’s a bit early to say this but, it’s been a good year of craft beer. With festival after festival celebrating the drinks we love. But a decision has to be made: which one is the best? The good people of Growlers (and their panel of craft beer experts, whatever that means) have chosen their champion. Drum roll please (insert sound here), the winner is the VCBW 2019!

Winning the Growlies is the perfect gift to celebrate its 10th anniversary!

Having been there this year, I am really glad they won Best Festival. The had SO many choices for each style of beer, I think I counted 20 different IPAs. As fellow beer-lovers, I’m sure you know a good beer demands good food. There were snacks of all kinds: pretzels, grilled cheeses, and several different kinds of bbq. There was one in particular that sold amazingly well, with a line that made people bring their own chairs. If memory serves me it should be Big Day BBQ. I already pre-ordered my tickets for next year, hurry up if you want the early-bird special!

Beer and bbq, a match made in hell 🙂

The Growler’s second annual B.C. Craft Beer Readers’ Choice Awards or the Growlies determines the best beer, brewery, and festival in BC. Being an online guide to BC craft, they invite the public to vote the winners every year; letting the people decide for once who wins in terms of craft beer. A panel made up of 25 judges, which includes Cicerones, certified beer judges, craft beer journalists and industry insiders make the choice more manageable by concentrating the entries to 10 in each beer style. This year they spared no effort, letting the public insert their favorite if it isn’t already a choice. I really like how human their criteria are, with awards like “Unsung Hero”, “Best Place To Drink In The Afternoon Without Judgement”, and “Best Board Game Selection”? For a minute there, I thought I was talking about my D&D campaigns.

Voted “Best Place To Take A Tinder Date” – Field House Brewing

Even not considering the Growlies, the site is very useful for finding recipes to match your beer and keeping in touch with the latest brands. I highly recommend you check it out!

There’s a recipe for stout donuts if that interests you.


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