Looking for Laughs? Bloodfeud Comedy is where it’s at!

Comedy is bigger than ever, whether it’s the vast selection of Stand Up Comedy on Netflix or the incalculable number of Sketch videos on YouTube, there’s no shortage of ways to make your belly ache with laughter. And if you live in Vancouver the options are even greater! With venues like Yuk Yuks and the China Cloud showcasing all sorts of unique talents there’s no reason not to support your local comedy community.

But I get it, you have a busy life and it’s so much easier to just watch an episode of The Office while snacking on your favourite brand of chips (Salt and Vinegar). So if you only have time for one show to go to, my recommendation would be Bloodfeud: Improv vs Stand Ups.

The show, started by Malcolm McLeod and Matty Vu, has a simple but intriguing concept. Stand up comedians battle it out with a group of improvisational comedians to see who is the funniest, with host Malcolm McLeod representing the improvisers while Matty Vu represents the stand ups.  In the first half some of Vancouver’s best stand up comedians show off their prepared and finely honed material. In the second half a group of improvisers do the opposite and perform a series of sketches completely made up on the spot. Once they wrap up it’s up to the audience to decide who is the victor.

It’s a great show that blends the best of both comedy worlds. Currently Malcolm is away in Toronto as he is involved with Second City there but a number of hilarious guest hosts have chipped in including Dragon Prince star Raquel Belmonte and Ryan Anderson. Their strange sensibilities have led to an interesting new vibe for the show.

Ryan Anderson is a strange man indeed

Bloodfeud is on the third Saturday of every month at Little Mountain Gallery.

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