Adult Advent Calendars!

As a child the start of December meant two things, the start of the christmas season and the start of my annual advent calendar. As you grow up the basic cheap chocolate calendar isn’t appealing anymore because as an adult in your 20s chocolate isn’t as exciting as it was when you were 10. I’m a big tradition person and i wasn’t ready to give up advent calendars but was bored of the basic chocolate ones. Then I discovered adult advent calendars. 

Dairy Milk Advent Calendar 2 Pack

Now adult advent calendars come in many different shapes and sizes. I found there were actually more options for adults than for kids. There are health and wellness, makeup, liquor, cheese, and even sock advent calendars to name a few. 

Here are a few advent calendars for those of us who are a bit older but still want advent calendars:

Nude Beverages Advent Calendar

The limited addition alcoholic calendar includes nude vodka soda, gin soda, iced tea, and tequila soda for 24 days of boozy fun. The calendar also has all of Nude’s flavours incorporated into the calendar. The Calendar is available to purchase online, at any BC Liquor store, and at select private liquor stores. The calendar is going for a retail price of $52.99.


BC Liquor Stores Website:

Nude Beverages Website:


12 Nights Of Wellness Advent Calendar by Saje

If you are going to attempt to relax during this chaotic holiday season Saje’s advent calendar may be the one for you! The 12 days of wellness advent calendar includes a diffuser along with saje brand roll on essential oils and specific oils to use in the diffuser. It seems to me like the perfect thing for a stressed college student transitioning from their intense studying for  finals to christmas vacation mode. The calendar is available online and in store for $48.



Tim Hortons Advent Calendar

Canada’s famous coffee chain has created a 24 variety pack K Cup advent calendar. The K – Cups are compatible with any Keurig Brewers.
Tim Hortons
The calendar includes:

  • 3 original 
  • 3 dark roast
  • 3 colombian 
  • 3 expresso
  • 3 french vanilla 
  • 3 hazelnut
  • 3 steeped tea 
  • 3 hot chocolate

The calendars are available online on their website and on Ebay for $56.

Vegan 24 Days Of Candy Advent Calendar by Squish Candy

When looking for “adult advent calendars” this calendars this calendar came up quite a lot. I feel its because the product is vegan that makes it an adult advent calendar, as kids don’t really “go vegan”. Also the price point being $40 makes it appeal more to adults than children. Parents aren’t going to buy their kids anything more than the $10 ones at the grocery store, because for little kids that’s enough to make their day. The calendar is filled with vegan sour and normal gummy candy in addition to having adult flavours such as wine. 


Makeup Advent Calendars

Many makeup companies take advantage of the christmas season and release advent calendars. These are not available for many teenagers because they just are way too expensive. A few of the notable brands releasing calendars this year are:

  • Mac Cosmetics – $195
  • NYX – $52.50
  • Sephora – $60
  • Charlotte Tilbury – $250

Not all the calendars, but most are often are giving you 12 tester sized products for a much too  expensive price. As you can see these are probably the more expensive advent calendars in the market. 

It’s only December 2nd so go get your advent calendars while you can!


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