Buckle Up Y’all, Trifecta inbound

Get ready everyone, we have the legendary “Trifecta Of Sadness” coming up real fast. What is the “Trifecta Of Sadness” you ask? Well it’s a mixture of three things, obviously, let’s get into this.

First, the temperature is supposed to drop down to below freezing, and you know what that means, Snow! Yes, “my favourite thing”, said nobody ever. Everyone hates waking up in the morning for work, and then having to shovel snow off your car or truck. The absolute worst. I don’t know if that it’s just me, but cold weather just puts me in a bad mood for some reason.

Not only can you not walk outside without your hands feeling like popsicles, you literally can’t do anything except go sledding. “What about all the beautiful scenery”, I could literally care less about walking around a Christmas market for 3 hours in the snow. Let’s end this rant and get back to the “Trifecta”

Second, the cherry on top of this winter cake is the transit strike. Wow, what great timing to shut down Coasts Mountain’s routes. Just in time for many student’s Honda Civics to not get up any hills, fantastic. And if all of that isn’t enough, well here take 6 finals.

That’s right, “Finals”, that’s what we were missing to tie this whole trifecta together.¬†Yup, it’s almost final time, as if the weather and the transit strike didn’t already give you a new type of anxiety. If you live out in Mission, I legitimately feel bad for you, its not going to be a fun experience. If you “Missioners” or “Missionites” know you have a final exam on Thursday, you better get your snowshoes on and get walking on Wednesday.

And there it is, the rare “Trifecta Of Sadness” You should feel honoured to experience this once and a life time occurrence. Thats all I got for you today, now go outside and get your sled waxed or whatever.



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