November, The Month of National Holidays

November is kind of a bland month. All the cute fall stuff is over, you can’t go to the pumpkin patch anymore, spooky season is done. But at the same time it feels too early to start Christmas festivities. So, if you’re looking to celebrate something, bring some joy to your cold, rainy days, I’ve found a plethora of basically pointless national celebration days to fill your month.

Starting off, November 7th is National Cappuccino Day, so treat yourself to a pretentiously over priced coffee, and while you’re at it, celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day a bit early (it’s actually on the 10th) because coffee and cupcakes are a match made in heaven.
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National Pickle Day is coming up on the 14th of November, so eat whatever pickles you have lying around and get a head start on the next day’s celebration, National Clean-out Your Refrigerator Day. Now that you’ve probably thrown out more food than you were expecting, take advantage of November 16th being National Fast Food Day. Don’t worry about how much you eat because that following Sunday is National “Take a Hike” Day.

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Our good friend Mickey Mouse turns 91 on the 18th, I’m sure you could figure out something fun to do for that.

An actual National day that isn’t USA based is Red Mitten Day on November 21st. Sport your red 2010 Olympic mittens, or a more recent pair to show your support for Canadian athletes.Canada, Mitten, Outdoors, Cold, Fun, Red, Park

November 23rd is National Espresso Day, just hit up the same café you went to on the 7th but just get a caffeine shot? As someone who drinks coffee everyday, I appreciate that I have an excuse to drink more.

Now, my personal favourite and probably the only one on this list I’m going to go out of my way to participate in is Blasé Day on the 25th. Blasé is a French word that means to be indifferent or unimpressed, and on Blasé Day, you are allowed to be as vocal about that as you want. So, embrace the apathetic ‘meh’ of the day and passively complain to your empty heart’s content.

Then, of course, there’s American Thanksgiving, but we had enough turkey last month. More notable is Black Friday, so hit up those sales and get stocked up for the holidays

There you go. I’ve just given you at least one non-holiday to celebrate each week for the rest of November. With that in mind, let’s try and keep the Christmas to a minimum, show some respect to the pickle and the mitten and let them have their day.

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